It’s The Legion again. Again? Those bastards just don’t give up. Been trackin’ us for weeks, months even. Don’t wager they’ll consider their life’s work done until they see the lot of us drawn out behind their wagons or bound in chains. And for what? What’d we do?

Boss has a plan. Said something about the Flats and then some Mountains. Put some rock between us and the Legion. ‘Parently, we’ll scrounge up a place to call our own out that way. We’ll see. Granted, we ain’t been steered wrong yet, but still, we’ll see.

Lady Luck, that fickle bitch, finally figured we were worthy. The garbage we called cars couldn’t handle the ground on the far side of the Flats and the Legion caught up quick. Weren’t close enough to see their eyes, but I could feel the way they looked at us, right? Well, lookin’ at us didn’t do nothing to help them see the sandstorm. Hoo Hoo! Gummed ’em up good!

Been a few days since the storm. No sign of the Legion yet. These mountains ain’t too friendly, especially to the older folk we got, or Daisy with that baby in her belly. Girl trips over another rock or root and the kid’s bound to just pop out. At least it ain’t as hot up here.

Found a place to hole up a spell. It’s not much, but it’s shade and it’s water. Laurel called it a “resort” and said something about folks in the Old Times coming up here to “get away from it all.” No idea what the hell that means. She’s prolly just exhausted like the rest of us.

Overheard the Boss and the others talking. Turns out this place ain’t all that safe. Not enough food to go around, the water won’t hold out too long, and ain’t nothing to stop the Legion from rolling us over if they find us. They want to check out the valley, but can’t all of us make it. Or we could, just we’d take too long.

Well, that settles it. Few of us able-bodied folks will stay put and keep an eye out. The Boss is going to take a few others down the far side of the mountain and scout ahead. Don’t mind puttin’ on a brave face for the others, staying behind, but ain’t a damn bit of good I’m going to do if the Legion shows up. Really hoping the Boss finds something. And soon.

Blood & Guts. You can spend Bennies on damage.
Critical Failures. If you roll double 1s, you can’t spend a Benny.
Gritty Damage. If you take any Wounds in an attack, you immediately roll on the Injury Table.



As a human who has managed to survive in the Wastes, you’re bound to have something special about you. You start with a free Novice Edge and either one d6 Attribute or two d6 Skills.

No changes to Attributes or Skills.


All Thumbs is considered a Major Hindrance in this setting.

Arcane Background is not available.
Arcane Resistance is not available.
Noble is not available.
Rich is not available.
Mr. Fix It ignores requirements for Weird Science.
Beast Bond is not available.
Beast Master is not available.

Stick to Modern or Medieval.

A Home In The Wastes